October 1, 2015

In My Chair

Eva Devirgilis is a makeup artist, stylist, and also an actress. Recently, she's started speaking publicly about her job as a makeup artist. She has had hundreds of women sit in her chair to have their makeup done, and begin their appointment with an apology. In her TEDx Talk In My Chair she addresses the women who apologize when they sit down. Most women apologize when they sit down. Whether it's wrinkles, weight, nose shape or the curve of a face, almost every woman to sit down apologizes. They don't see their own beauty. Despite Eva's knowledge of makeup, she uses makeup to make women believe they really are beautiful, with or without makeup. Even if the effect is temporary, Eva tries to transform the attitudes of her clients, both with words of encouragement and her makeup skills. While on stage, she uses her acting skills to represent the different clients that sit in her chair. First, are the many women who lack confidence and see only flaws. And then, she becomes the women who don't apologize. To clarify, Eva isn't one of the women who is confident in a makeup chair. She too sees her flaws. But the women who don't apologize when they sit down to be pampered are faced with illness or death. An old woman celebrating her birthday, or a mother who just finished a round of chemotherapy and got her new wig.

Eva encourages those women to do two things. First, use makeup as a resource to feel beautiful and to feel confident. This is something we should all feel okay doing, too. Many people are seen as too "made up" or "trying to hard" when they put on makeup for an ordinary day, but if it's what makes us feel comfortable, go for it. Disregard the opinions of those who only notice your appearance. Wear as much or little makeup as you want, as long as you are happy.

And second, Eva reminds all women to love themselves. Every woman that has sat in her chair, every woman that wears makeup or leaves the house with none on, love and embrace your own appearance. As a makeup artist, Eva changes the appearance of so many people on a daily basis, and empowers them with makeup. But so many go home and feel unchanged the next day. She's looked into the eyes of women who she envies the appearance of, and had them apologize for a trait she would love to have. 

Eva is a trailblazer, a role model in her profession, and a role model for all women. Love yourself, treat yourself, and don't apologize when you sit down for your next appointment. You aren't difficult, you are fabulous. And once you know it, remind others of their own beauty, too. If you are in the small group of confident women that loves your appearance, set an example as Eva does and try to empower others.

Stay awesome,

See Eva Devirgilis' presentation here.
For more about Eva, check out her website here.

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